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January 07, 2022Weld News

The year in Weld – A look back at 2021

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by Jonas Thordal

What a year 2021 has been for us. A little over 12 months ago, Weld had just officially been registered as a business, our team was comprised of a grand total of two people, and the first lines of code were being written.

Fast forward to today and the picture has totally changed. Our team has grown, we raised our seed round, onboarded our first customers, arranged our first company off-sites and made significant improvements to our product. Needless to say, we have a lot to celebrate.

Here are our top highlights for 2021.

1. Our team grew from 2 to 30 people

We grew a lot in 2021 – and much faster than many of us could have predicted. We welcomed 28 new-joiners to help us build the next-gen data platform. From marketers, to data analysts, engineers, designers, sales people and more, all areas of the company grew.

Weld Team

And we’re not slowing down hiring anytime soon – so while you’re here, why not have a look at our careers page? There’s something for everyone.

2. And we hired people (from) all over the world! 🌎

When we started Weld, we knew we needed to have a global perspective when it comes to talent. That’s why we’re very remote-friendly and aim to hire the best people, irrespective of where they live.

Our two first hires were remote: One in Canada and one in Germany. Today, around 30% of our employees work remotely. We have Welders in Denmark, Canada, Germany, Spain, the UK, Ukraine and Poland.

We’re also proud to have a diverse team. Today, Welders represent 13 different nationalities.

Weld Countries

3. We opened our first office in Copenhagen

For those that do live in Copenhagen, though, they now get to work from our swanky new HQ. It’s located in the heart of the city, a stone’s throw away from the beautiful Frederiksholms canal.

4. We raised one of the biggest seed rounds in Denmark, ever

In November, we announced our $4.6m seed round, led by Frontline Ventures and Cherry Ventures. This makes it one of the biggest seed rounds in Denmark’s history. The story made the news in Denmark and abroad.

This money has helped us grow the team and expand our offerings in 2021 and will continue to do so in 2022 – along with enabling our expansion to the US and UK.

Weld headlines

5. We got our first customers to test the product

As we wrote earlier – Weld was nothing but an idea at the start of 2021. Over the course of the spring, we “launched” V1 of our product, got our first customers to set up their integrations and reverse-ETL syncs.

6. And we added a ton of new features

During fall and winter 2021, our product improved substantially.

It went from supporting a dozen integrations to over 50. On top of that, Weld now supports bi-directional syncs, meaning moving data from your apps to your data warehouse (ETL) and from your warehouse back to your apps (reverse-ETL). We’ve also added a data modelling function as well as a metrics store feature.


7. Our customers synced over 20B rows of data

Speaking of moving data, our customers did that on the Weld platform. They did that a lot, actually. Over 20 billion rows of data were synced through Weld.

8. We went from 0 to 40 customers

In 2021, we got the pleasure to onboard our first customer... and 39 more. We’re grateful for the support and trust. But more importantly, we’re excited to see that our product is helping these companies get their data in check – and make full use of it.

9. And some of them said nice things about us

We filmed customer cases with Contractbook, Juni and Son of a Tailor. Have a watch to see how Weld transformed the way these companies work with data in 2021!

10. We started our blog – and wrote (a lot) about data

As with nearly everything else at Weld, the very thing you’re reading this article on didn’t exist at the beginning of 2021. We launched it in the summer, and since then have written 27 articles – mainly about our thoughts, tools and tips on data.

Some of our favourite ones include: From Tracking Pixels to Conversion APIs – The Future of Facebook Ads, Build vs. Buy – How to Approach the Modern Data Stack and, of course: How to Build a Modern Data Stack

11. We also published 3 eBooks

Our writing didn’t stop at that. We also wanted to spread our knowledge through other formats. That’s why we decided to write and publish 3 eBooks, all centred around the topic of better data management and data best practices. Have a look and just drop your email to get a copy in your inbox:

New eBooks

12. Everyone got together at Team Camps in Spain and Denmark!

With our team spread out around the world, it’s important to get together in person a few times a year. We call these get togethers “Team Camps”.

We organized our first two: one in the south of Spain in September, and another one in Copenhagen in December.

Many of us met for the first time in person at these Team Camps and we had an amazing time.

Team Camps

Here’s to 2022

Weld is only 1 year old, but it’s impressive (and humbling) to look back at how far we’ve come since January of 2021.

Thanks to our customers, partners, investors, team members and friends for the continued support. We could not have achieved all of this without you.

The good thing? There’s so much more to come in 2022 – we can’t wait to share with you what we’ve got cooking.

Here’s to 2022! 🚀

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