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November 02, 2021Customer Stories

How Juni Saves 10 Hours a Week on Building and Maintaining Data Pipelines

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by Jonas Thordal
Highlights: • Juni now has a single source of truth for their data in their warehouse. • Weld's reverse-ETL pipelines bring data into their Sales, Marketing, and CS tools in real-time. • They've kept their data team 2 new hires lighter by freeing up their data specialists' workloads.

To say that e-commerce is growing would be an understatement – the industry is exploding. In fact, "digital entrepreneurship" as a whole is growing at an impressive rate. This is a relatively new category of business that often includes e-commerce, the creator economy, online services and much more.

There are a few reasons for this staggering growth, but one in particular stands out: it's never been easier to start an online business. Tools like Shopify, Webflow, Facebook and Google Ads, Mailchimp and even social networks like Instagram with its in-app e-commerce experience, for example, make this process fast and cheap.

However, there's one aspect of digital entrepreneurship that remains difficult despite all of the recent innovations in the industry – running your business.

More specifically, tracking ad spend across all accounts, receiving money in multiple currencies, seeing real-time financial ROI of your business – these have all historically been hard to do for online businesses. In other words, financial products for digital entrepreneurs have lagged behind.

Until now.

Juni, a fully-remote company mainly based in Europe, is building the financial companion made for digital entrepreneurs. Its flagship product, the Juni Card, offers 1% Cashback on all spend, customizable monthly & daily spending limits, choice of currency and much more. It's the first of a suite of financial products built for digital entrepreneurs.

In the words of Jonathan Sanders, Juni's COO:

"We want to be the financial companion that complements your tech stack and makes you a success as an e-commerce business."

The Challenge

Having recently raised an impressive $52m Series A extension round, Juni has ambitious goals – to scale their business in new markets and launch new products in order to help even more digital entrepreneurs run and grow their business.

But to get there, a lot of things need go right. That includes having a robust and scalable data infrastructure.

"One of the main challenges that we face as a business is to make the right decisions so we can give our customers the most value in the quickest time possible."

- Jonathan Sanders, COO & Co-Founder of Juni

Very early on in their journey, Juni started looking into solutions and quickly set up a cloud data warehouse. They were proactive and knew how important it was to get their data stack right from the get-go, to avoid having to go back and change the work they had already done.

The problem? Juni's engineers spent hours writing scripts to synchronize data between their product and BI tools. On top of that, they had no way to move the data from their warehouse to their business tools – they were only getting a fraction of the value out of their data.

The Solution

The first thing Weld did was to connect all of Juni's data sources to their own cloud data warehouse via Weld's ETL. This allowed Juni to have one central place where all of their customer data lives – a single source of truth.

Second was for Weld's expert support team to help Juni create and store their core data models in the Weld platform. This enabled all teams in Juni to share the same definition of their company's core metrics (LTV, CAC, Healthscore, etc.).

Finally, Weld implemented its Reverse-ETL. This was a core piece that Juni was missing from their data stack. Their data models now flow to their Sales, Marketing and Customer Success tools in real-time, empowering teams in their daily operations.

The Result

Today, Juni has a modern data infrastructure thanks to Weld. In one single platform, they're able to sync data both to and from their data warehouse, and squeeze the maximum value out of their data.

"Now, all parts of the organization [...] can better do their jobs and better help our customers."

- Jonathan Sanders, COO & Co-Founder of Juni

Here are the main benefits Weld provided to Juni:

  • Saving Juni's engineers 10 hours every week building and maintaining the company's data infrastructure.
  • Keeping their data team 2 new hires lighter by freeing up this workload of their data specialists.
  • Building 10+ data models that support Juni's ongoing data-driven business operations.
  • Creating a single source of truth where all of their data lives, in their data warehouse.
  • Activating Juni's data with reverse-ETL, bringing it out of the warehouse and into their business tools.

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