Your data team as a service

Overwhelmed by data? Lacking resources to make sense of your data? Weld's got you. Get access to the best-in-class data platform and a team of data experts and take your business operations to the next level.
Weld Data Platform
10 hours/month on-demand Data Analyst included.
Without Weld

Weld enables companies of different sizes and industries to become data-driven.

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"Weld has become a core part of our data infrastructure. They helped us activate all our data from Redshift across Hubspot and Facebook without the need to burden data or engineering resources."
Jonathan Sanders
COO of Juni
"We wanted to extract and digest more insights from our customer database and across tools. Weld enabled us to connect all systems without having a data team in-house."
Frederikke Greisen
COO of Son of a Tailor

Your trusted data partner

Never be overwhelmed with data again. Our team of data experts will help you structure your data, build your models and analyse it – so you can spend your time focusing on the things that matter most to your business. You're in good hands.

Centralize your customer data

Weld enables a powerful reporting and data activation out of the box - built on top of your data warehouse, your single source of truth. Take control of all your data and utilize it for long-term growth.

Visualise in your favourite analytics tool

Visualize your data in your favourite analytics tool like Metabase, Tableau or Looker. Sync every minute for always up-to-date dashboards, so you can make the right decisions for your business.

Leverage your customer data

Move the data you want to the apps you use every day. Empower your sales, marketing or customer success teams to take action with high quality, real-time data. This leads to better business operations, higher customer happiness and more revenue.

Built to empower every team

Weld solves data problems unique to every function.


Easily calculate ad spend across all your channels by creating a single source of truth in your data warehouse. Run hyper-personalized campaigns by syncing fresh product and SaaS data directly to your ad audiences, in real-time.


Turn your CRM into a 360˚ customer view. Never have to open 10+ tabs to understand your customers – spend your time building meaningful relationships and closing more revenue instead.

Data Engineering

With our best-in-class ELT, easily gather all your customer data into your data warehouse. Push the data back into your company's favourite SaaS tools, without custom scripts or APIs – just SQL.

Your reports, elevated

Calculate ad spend across all channels
Bar Chart
Have a complete overview of your financial analytics and model LTV
Pie chart
Create custom reports based on your product data

Your everyday tools, better

Send Facebook Server-to-Server conversion API events automatically
Create profiles based on purchases to trigger personalised email campaigns
Segment your users in Intercom based on finance metrics such as LTV

Let our in-house data team help you get set up with Weld

Bank-grade security, built in the EU

ISO Certified
All Weld servers are ISO-certified and located in Frankfurt. Additionally, back-ups are filled in different locations.
SSL Secured
We secure our codebase and have SSL encryption further protect your data against a broad range of attacks.
By using state-of-the-art authentication technology, we offer two-factor authentication and our role-based access out of the box.

We’ll help you build the best data stack

We are a team of experts within data infrastructure, commercial analytics and data management. We will help you evaluate your data stack, figure out the best use cases and how to implement them – so your business can become data-driven today.