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Manage all your data operations in one place

Centralize, model and activate your data with Weld – the data operations platform built on top of your data warehouse. 
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Meet your new data operations hub

Use Weld to create a single source of truth in your data warehouse, build your business definitions and sync your data back to your favourite apps. No need for multiple tools, large data teams and custom scripts.
Weld ProductWeld Product
No custom scripts
Built on top of your data warehouse
Better, faster insights
All your data ops, one platform
Manage ELT, Reverse-ETL, Modelling
Become data-driven in minutes not days
Become data-driven in minutes not days
Become data-driven in minutes not days
Become data-driven in minutes not days
Become data-driven in minutes not days
Become data-driven in minutes not days
Become data-driven in minutes not days
Become data-driven in minutes not days
Become data-driven in minutes not days

All the features you need. One data platform.

Stream customer data to your data warehouse, model it and activate it back in your apps & BI tools – remarkably fast.

Gather data

Sync customer data directly to your warehouse – as frequently as every minute.
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all-in-one data tool

Define your metrics

Create your data models in Weld and document them. Bring trust to your metrics by ensuring they are coherent across the company.
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Reverse etL

Activate your data

Sync data to your SaaS tools in minutes for enhanced support, sales & marketing.
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Visualize in your favorite BI tool

Connect Weld to your BI tools and see your business metrics in real-time.
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We're here to help you get
value out of your data

Our in-house team of data analysts and solutions engineers helps you get set up for success with Weld. They're there to support you with creating your metrics, integrating your tools, visualizing your data, and much more.

Working with the best apps in the business

Your favorite tools integrate with Weld so that your data models are always accurate and kept effortlessly up to date.
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Upholding industry-leading security standards

SOC 2 Type II
Weld is SOC 2 Type II compliant, meaning that the way we process and store client data is secure and protected, based on standards set by the AICPA.
Your own data warehouse
None of your tables, pipelines or data models are stored in Weld - it all lives inside your own cloud data warehouse.
By using state-of-the-art data pipeline technology, Weld never see or store your data. You remain in full control of your data at all times.

Used by data-centric
companies everywhere

"Weld helped us connect all of our systems and enabled us to manage and visualize our growing database. Additionally, most of our financial analytics and customer segmentation models now run on live data."
Frederikke Greisen, COO
“The greatest impact Weld has had so far is to bring all of our data to light and to unify it in one central location. What interested me personally in Weld was the offering of a tool that brought all of your data together in a single and easy to use platform that required no data engineering.”
Guy Longton, Head of Revenue Operations
"Weld has adjusted everything we can imagine to actually help us... track, monitor and improve what we do better. We've been leveraging Weld not just as a technical sparring partner for the platform, but also as advisors for the commercial parts."
Anders Spile, Director of Business Development
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