Data your teams can trust. Always up to date, in all your tools.

Weld offers an all-in-one data platform to centralize, clean and activate your business data, and a team of dedicated data experts – so you can become data-driven in days, not months.
Trusted by data driven companies
ETL and Reverse ETL solutionETL GRID
Trusted by fast-growing companies of different sizes and industries

One platform for all your data operations

Becoming data-driven has never been easier.

All-in-one data workspace

You don’t need 10 data tools anymore to build a robust, scalable and modern data stack. All the features you need to centralize, clean and leverage your data are included in the Weld platform.

No custom scripts. No APIs.

All you need is SQL. Start syncing data to your warehouse in a few clicks and leverage it in your SaaS apps without scripts, APIs or bulky engineering resources.
No custom scripts for ETL tool

Your own data team

You get a dedicated team of experienced data analysts who expertly build your data infrastructure, models and dashboards. You know your team and communicate with them over Slack. It's 20x faster and more efficient than hiring a data engineer, at 1/3 of the cost.

Bank-grade security, built in the EU

ISO Certified
All Weld servers are ISO-certified and located in Frankfurt. Additionally, back-ups are filled in different locations.
SSL Secured
We secure our codebase and have SSL encryption further protect your data against a broad range of attacks.
By using state-of-the-art authentication technology, we offer two-factor authentication and our role-based access out of the box.

Working with the best apps in the business

Your favorite tools integrate with Weld so that your data models are always accurate and kept effortlessly up to date.
Google Ads
Google Analytics
Google BigQuery

Used by data-centric companies everywhere

"Weld helped us connect all of our systems and enabled us to manage and visualize our growing database. Additionally, most of our financial analytics and customer segmentation models now run on live data."
Frederikke Greisen, COO
"Weld has become a core part of our data infrastructure. They helped us activate all our data from Redshift across Hubspot and Facebook without the need to burden data or engineering resources."
Jonathan Sanders, Co-founder & COO
"Weld has adjusted everything we can imagine to actually help us... track, monitor and improve what we do better. We've been leveraging Weld not just as a technical sparring partner for the platform, but also as advisors for the commercial parts."
Anders Spile, Director of Business Development