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For small businesses, that only need a few apps and databases to sync into the data warehouse.
1 million rows/mo
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2 connectors
1 user
All the benefits of Starter:
  • 24-hour Sync Frequency
  • Weld Data Movement
    (ELT and Reverse-ETL)
  • Weld SQL Editor/Transformations
  • Weld Managed BigQuery
    (free data warehouse)
  • Weld AI Assistant
  • Weld Visualize
  • Single sign-on
  • No credit card required


For businesses that run a data warehouse with multiple data pipelines, workflows and faster sync frequency.
$100 / mo
rows per month
Comes with a free 14-day trial
Unlimited connectors
10 users
Everything in Starter, plus:
  • 1-hour Sync Frequency
  • 1 Workspace/data warehouse
  • Weld Lineage
  • Weld Custom Connector
  • Weld Workflows
  • Weld Model tests
  • Connect your own data warehouse
  • SOC 2 Type 2


For enterprises that have many data sources, and requires certain compliance measures around their data warehouse.
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rows per month
Comes with a free 14-day trial
Get a custom plan
tailored to your requirements
Everything in Essential, plus:
  • 1-minute Sync Frequency
  • Multiple Workspaces/data warehouses
  • Column Hashing & Data Blocking
  • Audit Trail
  • SAML SSO & 2FA Authentication
  • Enterprise Terms of Service & SLA
  • Priority Support & Customer Success
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do we count rows?

Each row that is either updated or inserted in the data warehouse destination is counted as one row. For more info, contact us.

How do I make sure I don’t pay for more than I need?

Set all syncs up to run incrementally, only select the tables you need and chose as low sync frequency as possible. For more info, contact us.

What are Custom Integrations?

Custom Integrations are integrations you can code yourself and deploy through Weld - you can see some of our community custom integrations here on Github.

Is there an annual commitment?

Our Essential plan comes with a monthly subscription that can be canceled at any time. Our Business plan provides options for both monthly and annual commitments. If you prioritize flexibility, you can opt for the monthly commitment, while choosing the annual commitment will give you the advantage of lower rates. For more info, contact us.

What are my billing options?

We offer both monthly and annual subscriptions paid by either credit card or invoice. We offer a 20% discount for annual upfront payments. For more info, contact us.

Which integrations do you support?

We currently support 100+ integrations – including the most popular data warehouses like BigQuery and Snowflake, and the most popular business apps, files and databases, like Hubspot, Intercom, Facebook Ads, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server and many more. For more information, have a look at our integrations page.

What does a free trial include?

We offer a 14-day no-commitment trial, with full access to our platform. No credit card required. Speak to one of our experts to start your Weld trial today.  

Do you offer onboarding?

Yes, we offer an onboarding call free of charge. Speak to one of our experts to start your Weld trial today.  

Which data warehouses do Weld support?

We currently support Google BigQuery and Snowflake. For more info, contact us.

Do you need to have a data warehouse to run Weld?

Yes, Weld runs on top of your data warehouse, however you can choose the Google BigQuery managed by Weld to quickly get started. For more info, contact us.

Do you offer discounts for early-stage startups?

Yes, with our Startup Program you can get up to 90% discount first year. Contact our team to see how much your company could save.