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Your data warehouse is your source of truth

Your company doesn't need another tool to become the source of truth. Weld works top of your existing warehouse, so you have all of your data, in one place.

Build once.
Reuse everywhere.

Once you define your models in Weld, you can easily sync them to all of your tools, making sure that every team in your organization is using the same data.

From customer data to custom workflow

See your key customer metrics in all your tools, updated every minute – from CAC, LTV, ROAS and more in Hubspot, Airtable, Google Ads and 50+ of the most popular apps.
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Here is how to set up Weld

Weld integrates with all the most popular data warehouses and tools used by modern teams. See our integrations.


Connect your tools
Each connection takes 3 minutes to configure


Create your ELT syncs
Pick the objects you want to sync to your data warehouse


Model your data
Create & save your data models


Visualize your data
Connect Weld to your BI tool to see your metrics


Activate data in your tools
Unlock insights by seeing data in your favorite tools

A few of the things Weld enables you to do

Get notified in real-time when a customer completes an onboarding step
Review account when healthscore declines below a threshold
Create hyper targeted audiences and run retargeting ad campaigns
Segment your users in Intercom based on product usage data and behaviour
Set-up custom lead routing to the right rep based on which feature they used
Create profiles based on purchases to trigger personalised email campaigns

Weld enables companies of different sizes and industries to become data-driven.

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Weld has become a core part of our data infrastructure. They helped us activate all our data from Redshift across Hubspot and Facebook without the need to burden data or engineering resources.
Jonathan Sanders
COO of Juni
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Weld helped us connect all of our systems and enabled us to manage and visualise our growing database. Additionally, most of our financial analytics and customer segmentation models now run on live data.
Frederikke Greisen
COO of Son of a Tailor

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Here's what we'll do:
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Set up your integrations
We will set you up on our battle-tested SOC 2 TYPE II secure infrastructure with all the integrations you need.
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Help build your data metrics
We will align on the metrics you need and create your data models for always accurate reporting and activation.
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Align on your data strategy and direction
Our experience has taught us what the best data practices are. We'll share them, and help you implement them.
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Mathias from Sales