Stream data to your warehouse in minutes

Weld's best-in-class ETL allows you to connect all your business apps to your data warehouse in minutes. Unlock a faster time to insight, and clean data that everyone can understand.
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Trusted by fast-growing companies of different sizes and industries

Your SaaS and product data – together at last

Weld integrates with all the most popular SaaS apps and production databases. You can finally get a clear overview of all your data, in one central place.
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Syncing data has never been so easy

Once the connector has been added, you can create a new sync. Simply pick your source, destination, objects and sync frequency, and see your data flow in a matter of minutes.
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One central place for your data – millions of ways to leverage it

Once your data is in your warehouse, you can use Weld's query builder to model your data, and Weld Activate to leverage it in your SaaS apps.
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Here is how to set up Weld

We've integrated Weld with all the most popular data warehouses and tools used by modern teams. You can view all our integrations here.


Connect your sources
Each connection takes less than 5 minutes to configure


Select your source & objects
Pick the sources and objects you want to sync


Select your destination
Choose where you want your data to be synced


Schedule your sync
Choose how often you want your data to be synced


Activate & visualize your data
Unlock insights and leverage your data fast

Weld enables companies of different sizes and industries to become data-driven.

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"Weld has become a core part of our data infrastructure. They helped us activate all our data from Redshift across Hubspot and Facebook without the need to burden data or engineering resources."
Jonathan Sanders
COO of Juni
"Weld helped us connect all of our systems and enabled us to manage and visualise our growing database. Additionally, most of our financial analytics and customer segmentation models now run on live data."
Frederikke Greisen
COO of Son of a Tailor