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February 01, 2022Tools & Tips

Out with the old, in with the new: why you shouldn't wait to upgrade to a modern data stack

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by Sam Lafontaine

Data is vital to your operations. It brings value in a myriad of ways, from personalizing your customer experiences to improving your decision-making. 

But making the most of your data can also be a challenge, especially if you're using a legacy data stack. Let’s take a look at some of the drawbacks of an outdated, unbundled data stack—and, the benefits of upgrading to a modern data stack.

Legacy data stacks aren't working anymore

If you're using a legacy data stack, your organization knows on some level that the way you currently handle data isn't working, whether you've addressed it or not. It causes headaches and inefficiencies, takes a long time to get up and running, and ultimately costs more than it brings in. You might find that…

It’s costing you a ton of money

You're likely spending more on your data stack than the returns you see from it. It's there to help you make smarter decisions and stay competitive, but it isn't bringing in the kind of value you'd like. 

Selecting and setting up several different data tools is expensive, not to mention keeping them up and running. Then, there’s the cost of building a team of experts to maintain your data pipelines, build your models and keep them up to date and make your data actionable and useful. We’re going to break down all of these expenses a little further.

It takes months to implement

Old data stacks are unbundled. That means you generally have to purchase each of the components of that data stack separately, cobbling together a makeshift system. You need one ETL tool to sync data from your apps to your warehouse, a modelling tool to create your business definitions, another one to visualize your data, one to sync your models from your warehouse to your apps, etc. It’s a lot.

Not only can this result in a clunky, unstable setup, but it can also take up months of your time. That's because each component has to be installed, integrated, and paired with training to properly implement. It multiplies the deployment time substantially. 

You end up doing a chunk of the building

Additionally, an unbundled data stack is going to put a chunk of the building process on your shoulders. You'll spend weeks connecting the various components, building integration points and APIs between systems, and personalizing the front and back ends of the apps. 

This can eat up a significant amount of resources, including your teams’ energy, focus, and time. And during that building time, you'll still be spending money on these systems without pulling in ROI from them. 

You need to hire a big data team to make it work

The last problem that an old-school data stack can create is its complexity. With all of this building, connecting, and implementation, you're going to need to train specialists at your workplace to be able to maintain these pipelines and use these systems.

These specialists might be staff you already have if you're fortunate enough to have reliable engineers and data analysts on hand. If not, then your hiring managers are about to get busy. 

It takes a large team a significant amount of time to get these systems up and running. That means investing in attracting, sourcing, and onboarding new employees to finalize and maintain this setup for your business. 

Enter the modern data stack

Luckily, things don't have to be this way. It's called an "old data stack" for a reason. Designers, businesses, and computer scientists have spent the last several years crafting the modern data stack, a solution to the shortcomings of the legacy system we're all ready to abandon. Some of the benefits of investing in a modern data stack are…

A box with the words accessible, quick, affordable, and pre-built coming out of it with confetti

Affordable pricing

One of the key features of the modern data stack is its affordable pricing. You'll usually pay a low monthly subscription to use a modern data solution, similar to what you would pay for any SaaS service. 

Part of what makes modern data systems so affordable is that they're bundled. You get everything you need in one service, reducing the amount of overhead, billing, and maintenance required. 

You can set it up in hours

Most modern data stack solutions are incredibly easy to set up. Even non-technical staff can usually get you up and running in a matter of hours. These modern tools are built to be intuitive and familiar, keeping things as simple as the apps you use daily. 

Everything complicated is kept under the hood. For instance, all-in-one data platforms typically come with pre-built integrations to hundreds of the world’s most-used SaaS apps like Hubspot, Salesforce, Zendesk, Intercom, and so on. It only takes a few minutes at most to connect your company's data warehouse to a modern data platform and start sync customer data from these tools in real-time.

Everything is pre-built for you and ready to go

One of the key perks of a modern data stack is that everything is pre-built for you. Depending on the modern data platform you’ll choose to go with, that includes the integrations we mentioned as well as visualization templates, data model templates, metrics folders and lineage, among other things.

This significantly reduces the resources you have to invest in your data stack upfront. You're able to start faster, leaner, and easier. 

Modular, simplified setups are accessible to every team member

Lastly, because everything is modular and simplified, anyone on your team—from your engineers to your sales reps and marketers—can dive in straight away. That includes you. 

There are no limits to who can use your modern data stack daily. It can be available on a wide scale, accessible to anyone with an internet connection, with the most critical information digestible—and actionable—and at the forefront. 

How Weld is redefining the modern data stack for good

Here at Weld, we're pioneering the future of the modern data stack. We've worked to define what this new era of data transformation and activation should look like for businesses like yours. We’re building the most complete, accessible and reliable data platform. 

In addition to the modern principles we already covered, these are some of the guiding tenets that make Weld a uniquely powerful, accessible option. 

Turning data-dependent companies into data-driven companies

One word that defines the Weld experience is "active". Too many businesses are investing in the collection and storage of data that they're never going to extract any value from. 

That's largely because these businesses don't have the tools or know-how to bring the value in that data to fruition, or they're collecting the wrong kind of data. Weld is designed to change this on both of these fronts, bringing only the most relevant data into your organization and providing you with everything you need to capitalize on that data.

Check out our Data Activation Playbook for tips on leveraging your data for exponential growth.

One platform for all of your operations

Weld has also prioritized keeping the modern data stack simple. And simple means keeping everything unified under a single platform. When you work with the Weld data solution, you get everything you need in a single package: ETL, reverse-ETL, data modeling and data lineage—with loads more features to come.

Having everything under one umbrella means less training, setup, and investment. Fewer integrations, reduced maintenance, and faster processing times. It helps keep things lean and straightforward, reducing the tools you rely on without compromising on the features you need. 

A dedicated team built into the service

One of the biggest perks of working with Weld is our in-house team of data professionals. Rather than hire a team of experts to build, operate, and maintain your own data stack, you get a dedicated support team from day one who knows the software in and out because they helped build it.

And if you already have a data team, Weld’s specialists lighten up their workload of tedious and time consuming upkeep, so they can focus on impactful and innovative work specific to your business. 

Bank-grade security for your most valuable asset

It's no secret that data is a high-risk asset. It's one of the most valuable and vulnerable digital components of your operation, for you, your staff, and your customers. Not to mention that regulators are becoming increasingly strict with how data is handled by businesses. 

That's why Weld has built security into our modern data stack from the start. You get bank-grade security, compliant with EU regulators out-of-the-box. Our systems are ISO certified, SSL encrypted, and backed by state-of-the-art authentication solutions. 

Upgrade to a modern data stack today with Weld

Don't invest another day or dollar in an outdated data system. You can upgrade to a modern data stack today for an affordable price and just a few hours of your time. Reach out to the team at Weld today to learn more.

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