Get a fully-stacked data team in 24 hours

Our team of data experts will create your data models, help you sync your customer data and build your use cases. Available from day 1, so you can get a world-class data setup in record time.
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Trusted by fast-growing companies of different sizes and industries

Your own data analytics team

Instead of hiring a team of expensive data engineers or manually building your data pipelines with custom code, fast-growing companies around the world have chosen Weld's data team to scale their data operations at a fraction of the cost.
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Fast, efficient, affordable. Yes, it's all of those things.

Built for fast-growing companies of all sizes, Weld's data experts can start working on your data quickly and build a solid data set up for your business in record time. It's 20X faster than hiring a data engineer at 1/3 of the cost.

Your SaaS and product data – together at last

Weld integrates with all the most popular SaaS apps and production databases. You can finally get a clear overview of all your data, in one central place.
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What we do

We're a team of expert data analysts who work tirelessly to make our customers truly data-driven.
Build your data models
Your teams will be on the same page
Create a source of truth in your Warehouse
No more scattered and messy data
Sync data to your apps
Leverage your data in your business apps
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Build your dashboards & reports
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Make your company data-driven
Get a clear picture of your business, and unlock growth fast

Meet our data experts

Weld enables companies of different sizes and industries to become data-driven.

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"Weld has become a core part of our data infrastructure. They helped us activate all our data from Redshift across Hubspot and Facebook without the need to burden data or engineering resources."
Jonathan Sanders
COO of Juni
"Weld helped us connect all of our systems and enabled us to manage and visualise our growing database. Additionally, most of our financial analytics and customer segmentation models now run on live data."
Frederikke Greisen
COO of Son of a Tailor