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SQL TUTORIAL • LESSON 23, Conclusion

What’s next? Start analyzing your own business data

Congratulations, you’ve made it through the Getting started with SQL guide!

What’s next? There’s a lot of SQL functionalities that aren’t covered in this guide, so if you want, you can study even further. There’s plenty of good material on advanced SQL out there. But before you jump into further learning, it’s best to practice what you’ve learned on your own data first. The skills outlined in this guide will bring you very far in analyzing data or looking over analyses others have made.

Working with your own data will help you strengthen your skills going forward. If you’ve signed up for Weld, it’s super easy to connect to your business tools and start analyzing your own data. Maybe you’ve already set up some Gather syncs for your business — in which case, what are you waiting for?

After modelling your data in SQL, the next step is to do something with your data models. With Weld, you can easily activate your data into your business tools through reverse-ETL, or visualize it in Metabase or Power BI.

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The order of the elements in your query

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