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Take your Facebook Ads to the next level by being able to do advanced analytics use cases.

Load data from Facebook Ads to your Data Warehouse

Start moving your Facebook Ads data to BigQuery, Snowflake, or Redshift with fully managed data pipelines. Get clean normalized data ready for analytics, easy to setup in minutes with no coding required. Up to 5 minute sync frequency for fast data syncronisation.

View more about the Facebook Ads integration in the Weld documentation

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Explore available Facebook Ads data

Browse all the data tables available for the Facebook Ads integration, in our interactive ERD data viewer.

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Transform and model Facebook Ads data

Get clean data models from your Facebook Ads data. Weld makes it easy to transform and model with the powerful built in SQL editor and AI Assistant.

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Connect Facebook Ads data to any BI tool

Transform and combine Facebook Ads data with other data sources with Weld, to build valuable business insights. Connect any BI Tool to build valueable analytics and reporting for your company.


Send data to Facebook Ads

Sync data from any data source to Facebook Ads, with the Weld Reverse ETL, for powerful data enrichment. Easy setup fully managed data pipeline to Facebook Ads in minutes with no coding required.

View more about the Facebook Ads integration in the Weld documentation

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Facebook is an online social networking service that enables its users to connect with friends and family.

Here are four popular data analytics use cases with data derived from Facebook Ads:

  • Hyper-Personalized Ad Campaigns: Leveraging the detailed segmentation capabilities of Facebook Ads, businesses can create campaigns tailored to distinct user groups. By analyzing engagement and conversion data, marketers can refine ad content, ensuring that it resonates with the target audience, thereby increasing engagement and conversions.
  • Retargeting Based on User Interactions: Facebook Ads provides insights into users who have engaged with an advertisement but haven't completed a desired action, such as a purchase. By analyzing this data, businesses can design retargeting campaigns to re-engage these potential customers, nudging them closer to conversion.
  • Lookalike Audiences from High-Value Customer Profiles: By evaluating the characteristics and behaviors of high-value or loyal customers on Facebook, businesses can create 'Lookalike Audiences'. This allows them to target new users who share similar attributes with their best customers, expanding their reach to potential high-quality leads.
  • Optimizing Ad Spend Based on Campaign Performance: With the comprehensive metrics provided by Facebook Ads, businesses can assess the performance of their campaigns in real-time. This analysis enables them to reallocate budgets to high-performing ads, adjust underperforming campaigns, and ensure an optimal return on advertising spend.

By harnessing the insights provided by Facebook Ads, businesses can design more effective and tailored advertising campaigns, reaching their target audiences with precision and maximizing their advertising ROI.

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