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Reverse-ETL is a data activation process through which data is synced from your data warehouse into your work tools.

What is reverse-ETL?

Reverse-ETL is a data activation technique that’s become increasingly popular with the rise in cloud-based data warehousing and the Modern Data Stack. While your ELT pipelines bring data into your data warehouse — making it your central source of truth — your reverse-ETL pipelines bring data out of your warehouse, embedding it into your team’s flow of work.

Let’s break that down further. Essentially, this powerful piece of the data cycle takes traditional analytics operations a step beyond visualizations and BI reports. With reverse-ETL, data is synced directly into SaaS applications and other workplace tools like Salesforce, Hubspot, Google Ads, Mixpanel, and more.

Benefits of reverse-ETL

One of the best ways to really understand the power of reverse-ETL is to look at some clear use cases. How can reverse-ETL impact how work gets done at your organization? Implementing reverse-ETL in your data operations can lead to many benefits, like…

  • Optimized workflows through automation: For example, your sales team has the full picture of the customer journey, including product usage data, directly in the CRM. This data is used to notify them about specific customer behaviours.
  • Reducing data silos across teams: For example, your marketing, sales, and support teams all define your Customer Health Score the same way, and the same scores appear across their various tools.
  • Higher team efficiency and productivity: Employees no longer have to navigate between 10+ tools and dashboards to find (or guesstimate) the data they need to do their work, because the data is already embedded in their tools.
  • More impactful, aligned work: Thanks to the increased efficiency, breaking down data silos, and implementing automated workflows, every team is able to focus on more impactful and aligned work that leads to better company performance.
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Performing reverse-ETL with Weld

Reverse-ETL is a core functionality of Weld, the data operations platform built for data analysts. With dozens of pre-built reverse-ETL pipelines, you can easily start streaming data into your apps in a matter of minutes with Weld. ELT and data modelling are other core features of Weld, bringing all of your core data operations into one space.

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