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December 07, 2023Product Updates

Weld November 2023 Updates

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by Jonas Thordal

As December brings its festive cheer, we're excited to share with you the gift of new features and significant improvements in your Weld Workspace. 🎁

Wishing you all a 'merry little Weld-mas' this holiday season! Let's celebrate the end of the year with joy and innovation.  🎄

New connectors ⚒️

Our engineers have been busy releasing a suite of highly anticipated connectors!
We're delighted to announce that these new connectors are now available, all wrapped up and ready for you to set up in your Weld Workspace:

  • Youtube Analytics
  • Google Drive
  • Google Search Console
  • Clerk.io
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Connector Improvements ⬆️

We have been decking the halls of our app with improvements to our existing connectors! We are happy to share the following updates:

  • Stripe: Incremental Syncs
  • Hubspot:  Conversations table
  • Mixpanel: Faster Backfill

Workspace Improvements ⚡️

BigQuery Usage Stats

Say goodbye to unexpected BigQuery bills! We've streamlined the process for monitoring your BigQuery usage, enabling you to easily identify which SQL models and ETL syncs are contributing to your costs.
Stay informed and in control of your spending with our usage analysis.
To see your usage stats click: Workspace Settings ➡ Data Warehouse

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Effortlessly Manage Your Weld Usage 📊

Enjoy peace of mind by setting a monthly limit for your Weld sync usage within the app. You have the flexibility to adjust this limit anytime during the month, ensuring you're always in control of your usage.

More Workspace Improvements  📈

  • SQL Editor : Performance Improvements
  • Notifications: Increased in-app notifications
  • Account level notifications
  • AI Assistant: Upgraded to GPT 4 Turbo

G2 Reviews ❤️

Our awesome customers have taken the time to leave us some nice feedback!


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