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February 05, 2024Product Updates

Empower Your Sales, Marketing and Customer Success Teams By Syncing Customer Data to HubSpot [2024 Update]

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by Sam Lafontaine

When it comes to CRM tools, HubSpot is up there among the most commonly used ones. It's especially popular within the startup and scale-up community.

It's what we've been using at Weld since day 1 – to keep track of our deals, capture leads, send our outbound emails and manage our sales tasks.

The best thing about HubSpot, though, is that it has a vast marketplace of apps that connect to it to make it even more powerful.

And this is where Weld comes in.

Weld allows Hubspot users to go beyond the CRMs core functionalities – it allows them to work smarter with customer data, directly in HubSpot.

In just a few clicks, Weld can map and send the selected customer data from your data warehouse to HubSpot. This can be customer data collected from any SaaS tool you use or from your product.

Here are 3 reasons why syncing customer data to HubSpot is a no-brainer for any startup or modern business.

Get a 360° view of your customers directly in HubSpot

The first reason to sync customer data to HubSpot is so that anyone in your company can have a complete view of customers and prospects directly in the CRM. This could help your sales team close deals faster, or empower your customer success team to spot potential churn before it happens and be proactive about it.

Sync customer data

Since Weld integrates with all the most popular SaaS tools, the sky is the limit in terms of what can be shown in HubSpot. You could decide to show a customer's latest invoice paid with Stripe, their most recent Intercom support query, their average monthly usage of your product or even a custom metric like LTV.

Empowering sales teams with all of this customer data at their fingertips, in the tool they use every day, is a game changer. They'll be more effective, happier, and better at their jobs.

When it comes to CRM tools, HubSpot is up there among the most commonly used ones. It's especially popular within the startup and scale-up community.

Build powerful workflows within HubSpot

Another benefit of syncing customer data directly into HubSpot is that it allows teams to build powerful workflows without ever leaving their CRM. For instance, you could decide to get notified in real-time when a customer completes an onboarding step. You could also set up an automated email sequence if a payment is missed in Stripe. Or maybe you want to set up lead routing to the right rep on your team based on customers' feature usage.

Build powerful workflows

Again, there is a wide range of possibilities here. In essence, Weld dramatically simplifies the life of sales team and removes all manual work so they can focus on what they were hired for: building meaningful customer relationships and bringing business value. They no longer have to sift between dozens of tabs to know what's going on with their customers – it all happens in HubSpot.

Create hyper-targeted ad audiences

Today's best marketing teams succeed in large part thanks to cutting edge technology that enables hyper-personalization. This is exactly what Weld does in HubSpot.

If your marketing team uses Ads audiences in HubSpot, Weld can enable them to supercharge this feature by being significantly more specific about who sees their Facebook, Google and LinkedIn ads. By syncing relevant customer data – such as feature usage – into Ads audiences, marketing teams instantly make their ads more precise and impactful. It's a win for your marketing team, and for your company's ROI.

Bringing it all together

The benefits of syncing customer data directly into HubSpot are many – a more comprehensive view of your customers, simplified and more powerful workflows, increased precision for ad audiences, and much more.

Above all, though, is the enablement of marketing, sales and customer success teams – to be more effective, more productive, and happier. Your team and organization will change for the better.

So, what are you waiting for? Give Weld a try and start activating your customer data in HubSpot. You won't regret it.

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