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May 21, 2024Product Updates

New feature Alert: Protected Tables & GPT-4o 🚨

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by Jonas Thordal

New feature Alert: Protected Tables & GPT-4o

Protected Tables

Introducing our new Protected Tables feature! Now you can lock your tables to prevent automatic full syncs, ensuring your data remains secure and stable.

Ed's Upgrade to GPT-4o

Ed has been upgraded to GPT-4o, enabling you to create your SQL queries at rocket speed 🚀.Enjoy faster and more efficient data analysis!

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What are protected Tables?

Table protection is an optional feature available for Incremental Syncs, providing additional control over schema changes and data integrity.

By enabling table protection, you can be notified of incompatible schema changes and manually trigger a full sync to capture data with the new schema.

This feature is particularly useful in scenarios where data retention on the source is not guaranteed, thus mitigating the risk of data loss during a full sync operation.

Protected tables can be set both during the set-up of a connector or in the configuration tab on the data sources page.

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What happens if a protected table fails?

If a protected table fails you will receive a notification via email / slack and have the following options:

  • Run Full Sync Once: Select this option to update the schema to the latest version. Note that this may result in data loss if the source does not retain the data indefinitely (e.g., reporting data available only for 30 days).
  • Backup and Run Full Sync Once: If data preservation is important, manually back up the data first. After backing up, select "Run Full Sync Once" to update the schema as described in the previous option.
  • Remove Protection:This will remove protection from the table and perform a full sync. Future schema changes will automatically trigger full syncs without notifications.
  • Revert Schema Changes and Retry Sync: If you control the schema and made unintended changes (e.g., using a Postgres or custom connector), revert the changes at the source. Then, select "Retry Sync" to run an incremental sync without performing a full sync, keeping the table protected.

Ed's Exciting Upgrade to GPT-4o!

We are thrilled to announce that Ed has been upgraded to GPT-4o, bringing even faster value to your data in Weld. Here’s what you can enjoy with Ed:

  • Create Auto-Generated Insights: Get insights faster with Ed’s auto-generation capabilities.
  • View Conversation History: Easily access past conversations for better continuity and context.
  • Join Multiple Sources and Tables: Seamlessly integrate data from various sources and tables.
  • Re-size Conversation Chat Box: Customize your chat experience with a resizable chat box.
  • Debug SQL Errors: Quickly identify and fix SQL errors with enhanced debugging



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