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June 03, 2024Product Updates

How to sync data from Excel to a data warehouse

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by Chloe Randles

How to sync data from Excel to a data warehouse

Unlock the power of your spreadsheets! With our new OneDrive connector, you can now sync your Excel and CSV files directly to your destination.  Leverage the power of Weld by seamlessly integrating your Excel and CSV files with the rest of your data sources.


Start syncing Excel data

How can I set up the connector in Weld?

  1. Prepare Your Files:
    • Ensure that all the Excel files you intend to sync are located within a dedicated folder on OneDrive
  2. Create Connector in Weld
    • Click on 'New Connector' and select 'OneDrive' from the list.
    • Authenticate using your Microsoft credentials to grant Weld access to your OneDrive.
  3. Configure Connector Settings:
    • In the connector settings, select either 'XLSX' or CSV as the file type.
    • Enter the URL of your file path from OneDrive
    • Opt to use the first row of your file as the column names if applicable.
    • Decide if you need to convert all properties to strings.
  4. Set Sync Schedule:
    • Set the frequency at which new data should be synced from your OneDrive files to your destination.


What can I do with my OneDrive Data?

  • Merge multiple Excel or CSV files into one table
  • Join with your other data sources in our SQL Editor
  • Get insights into core business logic using our Ed, our AI SQL assistant
  • Visualize in any BI Tool

Can I sync excel files from any other source?

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Yes! You can also sync Excel files with Weld using our  Google Drive connector!

I don't know SQL, can I still use Weld?

Absolutely! With Ed, our AI SQL assistant, you can get started creating data models and metrics without any prior knowledge of SQL.

Can I Weld for free?

For sure!  We offer a 14-day free trial for you to start exploring your data.

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