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March 01, 2022Customer Stories

How Monta kickstarted their data analytics efforts with Weld

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by Nora St-Aubin
Highlights: • Monta now has clear, accessible reports using data from multiple sources. • Weld has saved the team from the need to hire an in-house data engineer and/or data analyst. • Their metrics are clearly defined and governed, creating alignment across the company.

Founded in 2020, Monta is on a mission to make Electric Vehicle charging simpler, more accessible, and more reliable. How are they doing this? By developing technology to support every player involved. From installers to operators, service providers, and end consumers, everyone can benefit from Monta’s platform.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Enterprise clients manage and operate their fleet of charge points with Monta, running diagnostics and managing payments and invoicing all through the software.
  2. Manufacturers and Electricians benefit from software that complements their hardware. And because Monta is hardware-agnostic, it integrates easily with many brands, and can be bundled in installers’ client offerings.
  3. Consumers use Monta’s mobile app to find a public charge point nearby, either one signed up to Monta through an enterprise or one they find on Monta’s public grid, which creates accessibility to multiple providers in one place.

This overarching value to various participants is spearheading the future of EV charging. As Alessandro Colombo, Head of Finance & BI at Monta, puts it:

“Our offer is very unique. If you’re an enterprise that wants to sell electricity, manage invoicing, and have everything in an all-in-one product suite — which, by the way, has excellent reviews from EV drivers — then really Monta is the only provider that can satisfy this need.”

Like many companies in their early stages, Monta has been eager to get their data analytics operations up and running. But actualizing this goal can be a big undertaking, and they’ve faced certain challenges along the way.

The challenge

The team at Monta spent time building dashboards to track analytics from their main production database, but the final result was too limited for their needs. They weren’t able to get a historical view of their data, and they couldn’t connect data from other sources to the same dashboard.

“When we tried to look at other data sources or budget targets in comparison to our actual results, it was not possible with the legacy setup.”

Monta needed a solution to help them build a solid foundation and get their data analytics off the ground. But with a small team lacking certain technical expertise, this wasn’t something they could insource.

The solution

Using Weld’s ELT functions, the team has been able to sync data to their Snowflake warehouse from multiple sources, starting with their production database (MySQL) and CRM (Hubspot). With this single source of truth, they’re now building tables and visuals in Metabase for their internal BI reports. To put it in Alessandro’s words:

“Starting from scratch and having a small internal team, Weld has been absolutely instrumental to get us started on this journey.”

Their main goal is to have a North Star dashboard covering the entire customer journey. Then, they want to set up individual dashboards for every department, starting with their commercial teams, then their customer success, marketing, and product teams.

And as for what’s in store for the future, the team is looking forward to implementing more reverse-ETL with Weld, bringing important KPIs from their production database back into the tools they use most. 

The results

With the help of Weld, the Monta team has successfully launched their data analytics operations. And this impacts not only their operations and performance tracking, it also influences their company culture.

“The end product is a set of analytics and insights that can really facilitate one of our core values, which is being data-driven in everything we do, and making decisions based on data.”

Here are the main benefits Weld has provided to Monta:

  • Brought all of their data together in their warehouse, creating a single source of truth.
  • Saved the team from hiring an in-house data engineer and/or data analyst.
  • Building clear, accessible reports using data from multiple sources.
  • Creating clear definitions for their metrics, supporting their data governance.

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