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December 22, 2022Weld News

Highlights from 2022

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by Jakob Kristensen

We hope you’re having a great week and wonderful Christmas. Here at Weld, we are slowly wrapping up the year and looking back on all the amazing things 2022 have had to offer. But we are not just reminiscing - We’re also super excited for what’s to come! Here’s what’s been cooking at Weld in 2022 and what to expect in the New Year 🎉

Lineage is better than ever

Back in July, we announced the launch of Lineage. Over the past few months, we spoke to many different customers and took in all the feedback we could around this feature, and made Lineage a whole lot better. Here’s what’s new with Lineage:

  • Lineage graphs show not just models and dependencies, but data sources, tables, and destinations.
  • Lineage graphs can now be viewed in the Extract, Model, and Activate sections of Weld.
  • There’s a new error-highlighting feature, making it even easier to spot what’s broken in your data flow.
NL 6 - Lineage


50+ new Standard Connectors

We've been busy in the Integration team at Weld. We now have a total of +100 integrations and support everything from ad platforms (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok) to .csv uploads via AWS S3 or Email Forward.

We'll continue building many new integrations in 2023, however we also recognize that we will never be able to build all niche integrations, hence why we are now launching Custom Connectors 👇



Custom Connectors

While we do have many connectors in Weld, there will always be a need for connecting to systems that we don't have a Standard Connector for. Therefore we've built Custom Connectors, for you to write a small script in your favorite language (e.g. Javascript or Python) connecting to the API, and then Weld will handle the rest i.e. scheduling, triggering, schemas and loading the data into the warehouse.
We can't wait to see what you'll build!



Orchestrate your workspace

Up until now, data models were updated based on your ETL sync schedule. This had a few drawbacks, including a lack of clarity and transparency into when a model would be updated next – especially if that model pulled data from a variety of sources that didn’t all have the same sync schedule. Now, with Orchestration, you can decide when and how often you want your model to update – and the order in which it does so, relative to your other data models and their dependencies.

Additionally, all syncs can now run on custom cron schedules, so you can decide exactly when syncs should run.

NL 6 - Orchestrate


Features to come 👀


Next-level Alerting

Okay, okay here's a feature we are excited about! It might not look sexy, but it's needed to run a trustworthy data stack; getting notified when something fails. We have started out by supporting errors in our Extract & Activate integrations, but we are working on adding support for Model as well as data quality test errors 🙌

You'll be able to see the Alerts in the Weld app, but we are also working on enabling notifications on email or Slack.



Multiplayer mode ON!

You might be a lone ranger, a rogue jedi or a solo wizard analyst - BUT every legend needs a side-kick at one point. So when the time comes to collaborate, turn on our multiplayer mode and experience the magic of live co-creation! 🪄🧙‍♂️

SQL editor multiplayer


We know what you are contemplating

Even though every business is unique in its own way, there are still a few standard calculations that are more or less universal. Hence, our love for TEMPLATES!

Browse through our library and see some of the gold nuggets we have created for you. You can use the code 1:1 or just get inspiration for how you might go about answering your own business questions.

And the best part. We'll enable our growing community to share templates, so you will always be up-to-date with your peers and know how they are building their business logic 🧞‍♂️

SQL editor templates


We would love to hear from you!

We've just added an in-product feedback button, where you can share screenshots of things you'd like to see improved or ideas for new features. It's enabled for all users, and we hope to hear from you 😊


Learn SQL with Weld, for free!

We covered it in our previous newsletter, but we thought it would be worthwhile to mention it again: we launched a free SQL tutorial! It’s designed to help you get from 0 to 1 in SQL in just a few hours. Try it out and let us know how far you get! 😊


Happy New Year 2023 🎉


What an amazing year it has been. Thanks to all of our great customers, partners, investors and team members for believing in our vision and product. I can't wait to show you all the cool things we have on the roadmap for next year.

If you have any comments or feedback, write me directly by replying this email.

All the best & happy holidays,
Jake 💙

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