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December 21, 2023•Weld News

A Year in Review: Weld's Journey in 2023

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by Jonas Thordal

As the year 2023 draws to a close, we at Weld take a moment to reflect on the remarkable journey we've embarked on.

This year has been marked by significant milestones, product enhancements, and the unwavering commitment to empowering our customers to achieve more with their data.

Let's delve into a recap of the year that was.

1. AI Assistant 🤖

Early in 2023, we launched the Weld AI Assistant, which is aimed at transforming and streamlining your data modeling tasks. Our AI Assistant is designed to assist with various tasks, whether crafting a specific SQL query, generating creative, analytical insights, or providing descriptive interpretations of your data.

As we move into 2024, our commitment to enhancing and expanding the AI Assistant remains strong. Expect ongoing upgrades and new capabilities, all designed to help you harness the power of your data with ease and precision with the help of AI.




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2. Better error handling and notifications ⚡️

We significantly upgraded our error handling and notification system to enhance monitoring and response for failed syncs and tables. This means you'll receive instant alerts about disruptions, allowing rapid response to maintain continuous data flow and system integrity.

You can now also integrate our enhanced notification system directly with Slack. Setting up our Slack integration is straightforward: configure your notifications within the workspace settings of your app to start receiving real-time updates.

Prioritizing stability and reliability on the Weld platform continues to be our top priority, and this initiative marks another significant stride toward achieving that objective.



3. New connectors 🔌

We were excited to announce the release of a wide array of new connectors, enhancing the versatility and reach of your data integration. Our latest additions include prominent platforms like Xero, Gorgias, QuickBooks, Airtable, Monday.com, and many more.

At Weld, we pride ourselves on the quality and reliability of our connectors, all of which are meticulously built in-house on our robust infrastructure. This approach ensures we maintain the highest quality, offering a superior end-to-end experience.

We will continue adding more popular and requested connectors going into 2024!




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4. SQL Templates

We rolled out our SQL Template library, a game-changer for enhancing your data analysis efficiency. This library offers an extensive collection of pre-built metrics tailored to our connectors, allowing you to dive deep into data analysis without the usual complexity.

These templates significantly cut down the time spent on creating custom queries, freeing you up to concentrate on deriving actionable insights from your data. Each template is designed to be flexible and user-friendly, ensuring you can easily integrate and customize them according to your specific needs.



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5. BigQuery Usage Stats 📊

Say goodbye to unexpected BigQuery bills! We streamlined the process for monitoring your BigQuery usage, enabling you to quickly identify which SQL models and ETL syncs contribute to your costs. You can stay informed and control your spending with our usage analysis.



6. ERDs (Data Models)

We introduced ERDs (Entity-Relationship Diagrams) with our application connectors to simplify your grasp of data model relationships. These visual tools help you quickly understand the structure and interactions between different data entities, enhancing your ability to navigate and utilize complex data systems.

This addition is invaluable for anyone working with data, providing a clear, visual map of data relationships and aiding in more efficient data modeling and analysis.


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7. G2 Leader Badge

We earned our first G2 Leader Badge, recognizing our excellence in providing SMBs with quick and efficient data warehouse solutions.

The G2 Leader Badge is awarded to software applications that consistently garner high customer ratings, indicative of satisfaction with their performance, features, and overall value.


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Happy New Year 2024 🎉

It's been an extraordinary year, and we owe our momentum to the incredible support from our valued customers, partners, investors, and team members who have believed in our vision from day 1.

As we look forward to 2024, stay tuned for even more exciting developments and innovations.

All the best & Happy Holidays,

Jonas + team Weld

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