Up your customer success with automated, real-time customer data syncs from your data warehouse.
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What can

you do with


and Weld?

Sync your Vitally data into your data warehouse and back again. Get the full picture of your customers in Vitally, with metrics like MRR, CAC and LTV calculated across all of your customer touchpoints.

Use Cases

  • Get the full picture of your customers directly in Vitally – MRR, LTV, CAC, ARR and more. No more need to jump from tab to tab to get the full picture of your customers.
  • Get your Customer Success to the next level with frequent customer data syncs from your data warehouse to Vitally. Spot potential churn before it happens and act on it fast.
  • Get your Vitally data in your data warehouse to create a single source of truth of every customer in your data warehouse. Put an end to guesswork and estimations when it comes to key business metrics with customer data.
Vitally is a customer engagement platform for B2B SaaS companies to drive a world-class customer experience and eliminate churn.

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