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Visualise data from all your tools and databases with Tableau

Connect 100+ apps and databases to Tableau

Build a data warehouse with data from more than 100+ apps and databases. Easily setup and maintain data pipelines in minutes, with no coding required.

Connect Tableau on top of your data warehouse to explore and visualize all your company data.

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Tableau is a leading data visualization and analytics tool that empowers users to explore and understand their data through intuitive dashboards and interactive visualizations. With a wide range of collaboration features and advanced analytics capabilities.

Get a data foundation for Tableau today

Get access to data from 100+ apps and databases directly to Tableau, by building a Data Warehouse with Weld today.

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Tired of scattered data? Build your data warehouse with Weld in minutes with our powerful ELT, SQL Transformations, Reverse-ETL and AI Assistant - connected to 100+ apps, files and databases.

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