Track upsells, churn, revenue, discounts, payments and more in all your favorite tools

What can

you do with


and Weld?

  • Calculate your true MRR & ARR in your data warehouse, with Stripe, product and SaaS data, and have these metrics reflected in the tools your business uses everyday – from Helpdesk, to CRM, to analytics tools.
  • Sync your subscription stats and view key business indicators, such as churn and growth metrics, in your favourite tools on a customer-level. Predict churn before it happens by pushing important data like failed invoices to your SaaS apps.
  • Track real revenue and push it to the tools your teams use every day – for Sales, CX and Marketing to act fast on churn risk or upsell potential.
Stripe is a developer-oriented commerce company helping small and large companies accept web and mobile payments.

Looking for another connector? 

Weld integrates with over 50 apps, Data Warehouses and databases.

Why use Weld

We combine 3-in-1 tool with transparent pricing and free onboarding support to get you started.
Weld Platform
Full BI in 14 days
With our data experts and Weld Platform we can get you up and running quickly
3 tools in one
We combine ETL, Model and Reverse-ELT in one platform
Zero cost of implementation
With our free proof of concept you can test out Weld yourself
Reliable and secure
We got 4.9 stars on G2 and are SOC II certified and compliant


Proof of concept

We offer a free proof of concept to get you up and running with a full BI stack including dashboards within 14 days.
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