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Sync data from Salesforce Commerce Cloud to your data warehouse.

Load data from Salesforce Commerce Cloud to your Data Warehouse

Start moving your Salesforce Commerce Cloud data to BigQuery, Snowflake, or Redshift with fully managed data pipelines. Get clean normalized data ready for analytics, easy to setup in minutes with no coding required. Up to 5 minute sync frequency for fast data syncronisation.

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Explore available Salesforce Commerce Cloud data

Browse all the data tables available for the Salesforce Commerce Cloud integration, in our interactive ERD data viewer.

View the Salesforce Commerce Cloud Data Schema

Transform and model Salesforce Commerce Cloud data

Get clean data models from your Salesforce Commerce Cloud data. Weld makes it easy to transform and model with the powerful built in SQL editor and AI Assistant.

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Salesforce Commerce Cloud
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Connect Salesforce Commerce Cloud data to any BI tool

Transform and combine Salesforce Commerce Cloud data with other data sources with Weld, to build valuable business insights. Connect any BI Tool to build valueable analytics and reporting for your company.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud is a cloud-based e-commerce platform.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud provides businesses with a comprehensive set of tools to create seamless, personalized shopping experiences across multiple channels. It leverages customer data and AI to enhance engagement and drive conversions. Here are four analytics use cases derived from data sourced from Salesforce Commerce Cloud:

  • Customer Journey Analysis: By tracking customer interactions across various touchpoints, businesses can gain insights into the shopping journey, identifying friction points and opportunities for improvement to enhance the overall customer experience.
  • Conversion Rate Optimization: Utilizing Salesforce Commerce Cloud’s data, businesses can analyze the performance of different product pages and checkout processes, making data-driven decisions to optimize the user interface and streamline the path to purchase.
  • Merchandising Effectiveness: By evaluating the performance of various merchandising strategies, such as product placements and promotions, retailers can understand what drives customer engagement and sales, adjusting their tactics to better meet consumer demands.
  • Cross-Channel Marketing Insights: Salesforce Commerce Cloud provides a holistic view of customer interactions across online and offline channels. Analyzing this data helps businesses understand how different channels contribute to sales and how they can optimize their cross-channel marketing strategies to enhance customer acquisition and retention.

Leveraging the insights provided by Salesforce Commerce Cloud’s analytics, businesses can create more targeted and effective e-commerce experiences, ultimately driving growth and customer loyalty.

Start working with your Salesforce Commerce Cloud data today

Get started building your data warehouse with Salesforce Commerce Cloud and 100+ more apps and database integrations available.

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