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PostgreSQL on RDS

Move data from your AWS RDS PostgreSQL database into your data warehouse.

Load data from PostgreSQL on RDS to your Data Warehouse

Start moving your PostgreSQL on RDS data to BigQuery, Snowflake, or Redshift with fully managed data pipelines. Get clean normalized data ready for analytics, easy to setup in minutes with no coding required. Up to 5 minute sync frequency for fast data syncronisation.

View more about the PostgreSQL on RDS integration in the Weld documentation

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Transform and model PostgreSQL on RDS data

Get clean data models from your PostgreSQL on RDS data. Weld makes it easy to transform and model with the powerful built in SQL editor and AI Assistant.

logo for PostgreSQL on RDS
PostgreSQL on RDS
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Connect PostgreSQL on RDS data to any BI tool

Transform and combine PostgreSQL on RDS data with other data sources with Weld, to build valuable business insights. Connect any BI Tool to build valueable analytics and reporting for your company.

PostgreSQL is a powerful, open-source object-relational database system known for its robustness, extensibility, and compatibility.

Serving as a reliable data store for a diverse range of applications, here are four primary use cases for PostgreSQL:

  • Web Applications and Services:PostgreSQL's features and performance make it a popular choice for web-based applications. Developers can take advantage of its concurrent processing capabilities, JSON support, and diverse indexing options to create responsive, data-rich web platforms ranging from e-commerce sites to blogging platforms.
  • Geospatial Applications with PostGIS:With the PostGIS extension, PostgreSQL is equipped to handle complex geospatial data. This makes it suitable for applications that require location-based services, like real estate platforms, delivery systems, or mapping solutions, where storing and querying spatial data is vital.
  • Enterprise Backends and CRM Systems:The ACID-compliant nature of PostgreSQL ensures data integrity, making it an ideal choice for enterprise-level applications, including Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems. Its support for partitioning, high availability, and extensibility allows businesses to scale and adapt as they grow.
  • Mobile Applications and Game Development:The versatility of PostgreSQL means it can also serve as the backend for mobile applications, including games. By supporting various data types and offering robust security features, it ensures that data for mobile users is accessible, consistent, and secure.

Relying on PostgreSQL as a primary data store, businesses and developers can build applications that are not only performant but also adaptable to evolving requirements, ensuring a reliable and efficient data management foundation.

Start working with your PostgreSQL on RDS data today

Get started building your data warehouse with PostgreSQL on RDS and 100+ more apps and database integrations available.

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