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The Harvest integration is built by the Weld community

This data source is build and maintained by the Weld community using the Custom Connector.

You can view the source code on Github

The Weld Custom Connector is available in the Core / Pro / Business Plan

Harvest Connector

Start moving your Harvest data with fully managed data pipelines. Get clean normalized data ready for analytics, easy to setup in minutes with no coding required.

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Transform and model Harvest data

Get clean data models from your Harvest data. Weld makes it easy to transform and model with the powerful built in SQL editor and AI Assistant.

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Connect Harvest data to any BI tool

Transform and combine Harvest data with other data sources with Weld, to build valuable business insights. Connect any BI Tool to build valueable analytics and reporting for your company.

Intuitive time tracking software for teams. Harvest makes it easy to track time to help manage both your projects and workload.

Here are four popular data analytics use cases with data derived from Harvest:

  • Time Tracking and Productivity Analysis: With Harvest's detailed time logs, businesses can monitor hours spent on various tasks and projects. Analyzing this data helps in understanding employee work patterns, optimizing task allocations, and identifying areas where efficiency can be improved.
  • Project Budgeting and Profitability: Harvest provides insights into the hours allocated to each project against the set budgets. By comparing actual hours worked to budgeted hours, businesses can assess project profitability, make timely adjustments, and ensure projects remain on track financially.
  • Expense Management and Reporting: Harvest allows users to log expenses related to projects or tasks. Analyzing expense data ensures that project costs are within set limits and aids in streamlining expense approval and reimbursement processes.
  • Client Billing and Revenue Analysis: With its invoicing capabilities, Harvest offers data on billable hours, invoice amounts, and payment statuses. Evaluating this information helps businesses optimize their pricing strategies, ensure timely invoicing, and improve cash flow by monitoring outstanding payments.

By leveraging the data insights from Harvest, businesses can enhance project management, optimize resource allocations, ensure project profitability, and streamline financial processes, leading to better client relationships and improved operational efficiency.

Start working with your Harvest data today

Get started building your data warehouse with Harvest and 150+ more apps and database integrations available.

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