Google Sheets

Power-up your reporting capabilities with real-time customer data syncs from your data warehouse
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Google Sheets

What can

you do with

Google Sheets

and Weld?

View any and all of your customer data in Google Sheets in real-time, with frequent syncs from your single source of truth - your data warehouse.

Use Cases

  • Get the most accurate and full picture of all your customers in Google Sheets, for easy and instant reporting.
  • Have a constant pulse of your company's health by viewing full customer metrics directly in Google Sheets – MRR, CAC, LTV or any other relevant metric you want.
  • Say goodbye to switching between 10 tabs to get the data you need for a full reporting on your business. Connect your data warehouse to Google Sheets with Weld and spend your time analyzing and not doing tedious, manual work.
Google Sheets is a spreadsheet program included as part of the free, web-based Google Docs Editors suite offered by Google.

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