Get a true and complete sense of your core business metrics by syncing fresh data to ChartMogul
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What can

you do with


and Weld?

  • Sync the customer data you collect from your product and your SaaS apps to ChartMogul easily via Weld and your data Warehouse.
  • Weld's two-way integration (ELT & Reverse-ETL) means that you can make the most of the models you've built in ChartMogul. Sync your ChartMogul data back to your data warehouse and into your favourite SaaS apps for your teams to act upon it.
  • Get the complete and accurate metrics synced to ChartMogul via your data warehouse – your single source of truth. Leave the guesswork behind and start analyzing your subscriptions with accurate customer metrics.
ChartMogul is an analytics platform to simplify your subscription business.

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