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AI powered ETL platform
built for data analysts

Effortlessly unify your data into a single source of truth. Quickly sync data from all your ad platforms, apps and databases. Gain real-time insights and make data-driven decisions today.

  • AI Assistant
  • Extract Transform and Load data (ETL)
  • Activate your data (Reverse ETL)
  • Move data with 100+ no code connectors

Loved by data-driven companies from around the world


How Weld works

The easiest to use tool to run your data pipelines

Extract and Load data

Get data from 100+ data sources including

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Google Sheets

and more

Automated data pipelines

Extract data in minutes with our user-friendly, no-code ETL solution. Our 100+ pre-built connectors let you seamlessly sync your data to your warehouse

Connect to any API

Write your own integrations using our Custom Connector framework

Choose data storage

Connect your data warehouse

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Weld data sources

Transform your data

Combine data from multiple sources with our state of the art SQL Editor


Understand the dependencies of all your syncs and data models and quickly debug if something is broken


Easily schedule your data pipelines, SQL models and reverse ETL flows


Use one of our many templates to get inspired and easily get started with your data

Weld SQL editor

Write SQL with AI

Meet Ed, your AI data modeling assistant

Generate data models

Ed understands your data and helps you build data models in minutes

Fix SQL errors and bugs

Ed will help you fix any SQL errors in your data models and suggest optimisations

Latest AI technology

Choose between the latest LLM models with access to GPT4, Claude 3 and more

Weld AI SQL assistant

Reverse ETL

Activate your data directly to your apps

Integrate with your favorite BI tool


Send data anywhere

Send your data directly to where your people work. Set up reverse ETL to Hubspot, Salesforce, Klavyio and more

Export to CSV & Sheets

Want to work with the data in Excel or Google Sheets? No problem - you easily export and sync all your data

Weld Exports

Award winning ETL Platform

Across industries, data-driven companies choose Weld to sync their data seamlessly

Security is our priority

Our data pipelines are battle-tested with +100,000 daily syncs running.


SOC 2 & ISO Certified

All Weld servers are ISO-certified and back-ups are filled in different locations. Weld is SOC 2 Type II certified by leading audit firms.

End-To-End Encryption

We never have access to your data. Our data pipelines are fully encrypted and securely transfered into your data warehouse.

Access Control

By using state-of-the-art authentication technology, we offer two-factor authentication and our role-based access out of the box.

Get started with Weld

Spend less time managing data and more time getting real insights. Become data-driven today with Weld.

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Tired of scattered data? Sync data to your data warehouse with Weld in minutes with our powerful ETL, SQL Transformations, Reverse ETL and AI Assistant, Ed - connected to 100+ apps, files and databases.

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