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March 22, 2022Customer Stories

How Planday Set Up Their Modern Data Stack With Weld

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by Nora St-Aubin

Employee management is essential for every business. And for those that rely on shift work, it’s all the more important to keep things organized and well-planned. This is why 15 years ago, Planday launched their complete shift management platform — and they’ve been on a mission to make employee scheduling and communication more straightforward ever since.

Planday simplifies shift worker management with scheduling, payroll, holidays, and more. They have tailored solutions for several shift work-based industries, including hospitality, retail, and healthcare, among others. Recently, Planday was acquired by Xero, and this marks an exciting new chapter in the company’s growth.

“A lot of changes are coming, namely our data and analytics are established for the first time.”
— Jakub Czapski, Senior Manager of Data & Analytics at Planday

✨ Highlights of Planday’s customer story:

  • Weld created a single source of truth for Planday’s data in their data warehouse.
  • Jakub was able to lay the foundation for Planday’s data operations as the company’s sole data expert quickly and efficiently with Weld.
  • The onboarding and support Jakub received from Weld made it easy for him to get a head start in his role with Planday.

Planday’s data journey

In 2021, Planday knew it was time to get their data operations off the ground. But without an in-house team, this was easier said than done. That’s when they enlisted Weld to help them lay the foundation for a modern data stack to springboard their efforts.

Jakub joined Planday in December, and as the sole data and analytics expert, he needed to get up to speed on what had already been established quickly.

“Before Weld, there was no data setup. When I started, we were already working with Weld and some things were already in place.”

As a one-person team, Jakub had a lot of work to do to get Planday’s data operations in line with their ambitions. From setting up their data warehouse with Snowflake to building tables, Weld was the sidekick he needed to lay the groundwork.

“Without Weld, I wouldn’t have been able to do these things in this timeframe.”

Working with Weld

When reflecting on his experience with Weld, Jakub shared his appreciation for the expert onboarding and support he’s received since joining Planday as the company’s main data and analytics expert:

“The people at Weld are great, everyone has been very friendly and patient, and eager to get me onboarded and explain what they’ve been working on.”

Future data plans for Planday

With a reliable setup in place, Jakub is getting to work taking Planday’s data operations to the next level. What’s up next for Planday’s data and analytics team?

“Right now, we’re in the middle of figuring out how to remodel the data warehouse to support omni-channel reporting use cases. We want to build a customer 360 view, and start to provide data as a service to the entire company. We want to encourage and enable non-technical people to run their own analyses.”

In this way, Planday and Weld are perfectly aligned. Weld also strives to make data accessible across departments and disciplines, supporting organizations in their journey to become data-driven. To learn more about how Weld could help your company achieve your data goals, connect with one of our experts.

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