Get a complete map of your data, from source to destination

Lineage gives you complete, end-to-end visibility into your entire data operations’ dependencies – from raw data all the way to the destination.
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in one click, you can see...

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Operation dependencies
See where your data comes from, and where it’s going.
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data errors
A visual cue showing where your errors are occurring.
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Sync frequencies
Know how often your data gets refreshed, both at the source and destination.

End-to-end overview: from raw data all the way to destination

For every data model, ELT or Reverse-ETL sync created in Weld, Lineage gives you a complete overview of both its upstream and downstream dependencies.

Fix errors faster

If a table, model or sync fails, you don’t have to dig around manually to understand why. Lineage shows you where an error has occurred, so you can fix it rapidly and limit downtime.

All the info you need, at your fingertips

On top of dependencies and errors, Lineage shows you how frequently each model is updated with fresh data.
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