It's never been easier to get a data warehouse

The fastest, simplest way to become data-driven. Get a data warehouse in no time so you can start collecting all your company data in one place.
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Centralizing your data can be challenging – It doesn't have to.

Setting up your Google or AWS cloud account can be tedious and time consuming. We make it quick, efficient and affordable.
No cloud setup
No need to sign up to Google Cloud, AWS, or a similar cloud solution.
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No credit card
We manage the security and billing so you don’t have to.
Start today
Get started today yourself, no need for a Cloud expert to help you.

Why you should get a data warehouse

Getting a cloud data warehouse is step 1 in building a modern data infrastructure. Here's what it allows your teams to accomplish.
Gather all your customer information from various apps into one central location to better understand trends, patterns and opportunities.
Get customer behaviour data from your website and product into your data warehouse, and sync it back to your ad platforms for accurate retargeting.
Understand key metrics like ARR, MRR, LTV, CAC by centralizing all your customer data into your data warehouse. Get a more accurate forecasting model in place.
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Pair in-product customer behaviour information with firmographic data in your CRM and other 3rd-party tools to better understand patterns, and inform key product decisions.

The Weld Platform

Use your managed Google Cloud BigQuery freely up to 1 TB total. And with the Weld platform, you can easily gather data in your warehouse and activate it back into your SaaS apps.

Battle-tested Google BigQuery

Google Cloud BigQuery is one of the best data warehouses you can choose, with a fair pricing model and good track record. Use SQL to model your data directly in the Weld platform, and start turning your most important company insights into tangible outcomes.