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One data stack for your startup that scales. Centralize all your data with powerful ELT, SQL Transformations, rETL, Weld AI Assistant and much more...

Connect to over 100+ tools including

Stripe and
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Requirements for the offer

1-40 employees
New WELD customer
Raised no more than $5 million in funding
Trusted by fast-growing companies of different sizes and industries
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Centralize all your data

Get your data with our 100+ integrations into one location - a data warehouse. Set up your own data warehouse, or choose our managed BigQuery to get you started today.

Single source of truth metrics

Combine data from all your sources into single source of truth metrics. No more looking into each source systems and spreadsheet files to figure out the right metrics. You can use our AI SQL Assistant to help writing your SQL code, and take our courses at Learn SQL.

Export your metrics

Make sure everyone in your organisation is looking at the right metrics by exporting them from Weld back into the SaaS tools you use - like Hubspot, Salesforce etc.

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