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Weld is a data operations platform and a team of on-demand data analysts. Unify your customer data in one place, create your business metrics and sync them to your SaaS or BI tools.
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What is Weld?

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an overview of the Weld platform

how it works


connect your data warehouse

To use Weld, you need a data warehouse. If you don’t already have one, you can get a free Google Bigquery account on us.

connect your tools

Pick your tools and connect them to your data warehouse with Weld in a few clicks. Weld integrates with 50+ apps.

Sync data to your warehouse

Select the data you want to stream to your warehouse, and pick a sync frequency.

create your data models

Using Weld’s top-rated SQL editor, create and save your data models. You can also add a business description.

move data anywhere you want

Sync your models to your BI tools or SaaS apps. For instance, see your CAC directly in Hubspot, Salesforce or Zendesk.


Our team of data experts helps build your data infrastructure, create your metrics and advises you on best practices for your business. It’s world-class support, at a fraction of the cost.
Data Analyst Expert

Martin Busk

Data Analyst Expert

Trine Nørgaard

Data Analyst Expert

Daryl Paul

Data Analyst Expert

Emilio Biz

Data Analyst Expert

Diane Loo

Data Analyst Expert

Mads Andersen

Data Analyst Expert

Chloe Randles

Data Analyst Expert Michael

Michael Jørgensen

questions? we've got answers.

How is Weld different from the other data solutions?

Before Weld, companies had to buy an ETL tool to sync data to their warehouse, one to model it, one for Reverse-ETL, a different one for data orchestration and lineage. That’s, at minimum, 4 to 5 separate tools. It can easily amount to $100K+ per year – and that’s not including the resources you have to hire internally to manage these various tools. Weld is the “end-to-end data platform” – it combines all of these features (and more) in one easy to use and intuitive platform. Oh, and it’s 20x cheaper, so companies of all sizes can benefit from Weld.

Who is Weld for?

If you’re just starting on your data journey or are looking to simplify your data stack and optimize costs, Weld is probably a great option for you. Book a demo with our team to learn more.

What kind of help does your Data Team provide?

Our in-house team of data engineers and analysts provides hands-on help with most types of data requests our customers might have. This includes help with connecting your SaaS apps to your data warehouse, building data models, creating custom data reports and providing advice on best data practices.

How much does Weld cost?

Our pricing varies depending on your needs. We have four different plans: Starter, Growth, Business, Enterprise. You can read more about it on our pricing page.

Who is behind Weld?

Weld was founded in Copenhagen in 2021 by tech veterans Jonas Thordal, Jakob Skytte and Jakob Kristensen. All three were early members of startup success Pleo, where they took part in building the data infrastructure from scratch. That’s where they saw that getting value out of data was a lot easier said than done – so they decided to build a better solution.

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